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Keep calm and go solar.

Eagle Electron Power Partners LLC was formed in 2011.  The vision for the new company was simple; leverage existing infrastructure and combined skills to build and own solar electric power plants as long-term investments as well as provide commercial and residential sales and installations throughout the country. For these clients, we provide the highest quality products, service, and array design, as well as education on the benefits and environmental importance of renewable energies, its ever-advancing technologies, and how to take advantage of generous state and federal grants, rebates, and tax incentives that make the investment in solar energy much more affordable.


The installation of a solar system is a financial investment into the future. To ensure that investment provides the anticipated production for the guaranteed length of time, it is critical to choose products with proven records of dependability and production from a company that is financially positioned to stand behind their products.


Panels and inverters may look the same but they perform differently. Panel and inverter warranties provide the necessary security to guarantee the panels and inverters perform within the anticipated parameters. The strong financial strength of a company allows you to invest with confidence.


Eagle Electron Power partners has partnered with the best solar equipment providers in the world. These companies provide products that continue to lead the way in reliability, performance and innovation.

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