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It's impossible to overdo luxury.

According to the Miami Herald, John Turchin is the ‘world’s most unique developer’ and this can be seen in every property to which he attaches his name. What probably affects people the most when seeing a Turchin property for the first time is a complete sense of awe. From the grand design to the thoughtful touches, each gracious estate evokes feelings of refinement, indulgence, elegance and wealth. It is those emotions that make a person feel at home immediately when entering a master-crafted Turchin property.


There is a French proverb that states “It is impossible to overdo luxury.” For Miami real estate developer, John Turchin, that could be his personal maxim as well as his guiding philosophy. From his home on exclusive Hibiscus Island to his prestigious Indian Creek property to The Lodges at Eagles Nest in Banner Elk, North Carolina, he has created a vision unlike any other American architect/builder. But living the good life for John Turchin is about more than just luxury real estate, his world is about graciousness, vision and sharing his dreams with others.


It is this desire, to share those dreams, that fuels his mission to create and sell an architectural Renaissance. In fact, through the design and construction of all Turchin Properties, he succeeds in blending what few others can; luxury homes with distinct character, modern lines and timeless appeal. Daring to challenge convention and yet preserving traditional lines, John Turchin creates lifestyle architecture. Structural design that is more a work of art, than mere housing.








The Lodges at Eagles Nest                               |          Banner Elk, North Carolina          |          2000-2013

A 1500-acre private, gated, luxury community in the Blue Ridge Mountains that offers a year-round lifestyle for the entire family. Homes are situated on 1 to 10 acre tracts and range in price from $750,000 to $5,000,000.The project will have over 300 home sites and a total value of $500 million.

The Blackboard Restaurant                              |          Banner Elk, North Carolina          |          2006-2009

One of North Carolina mountain’s finest dining experiences, which featured award-winning chef Matthew Congelton and one-of-a-kind design and entertainment experiences


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