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Artists in action.

The Turchin Center for the Visual Arts | Appalachian State University


The Turchin family is renowned for their love of art. John Turchin’s mother, Lillian Turchin, is an accomplished artist and instilled this love in each of her children. John Turchin channels this innate passion by creating art through architecture – bringing about magnificence through construction and design, with such fresh and alluring style that people will never forget visiting a Turchin-inspired property or business.


John currently sits on the board of advisers for The Turchin Center for the Visual Arts at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, which was made possible by a generous endowment by the Turchin family.


Susan Prince Turchin | Jewel Encrusted Objects of Art

Susan Prince Turchin has been designing jewelry, clothing, and furniture sculptures for the last 30 years. Born in Montreal, Canada, Susan moved to Miami Beach, Florida at an early age and has made it her home ever since. Drawing inspiration from her travels worldwide, her work is focused around the elements of mother nature, and the beauty of raw, natural stones and materials. Her creative flow is also enhanced by her elaborate array of vintage clothing and accessories, a timeless collection that influences her creations and roots them in the progress of our past for the future.


Visit Susan’s website at


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Helmet 2
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Gallery M | David Banegas

David Banegas is a Bolivian born artist, specializing in action painting. David is best known for his colorful portraits of Hollywood’s historic and contemporary A-listers such as Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger, and Johnny Depp.

David began his artistic journey at a young age. At a mere 11 years old he had his first art gallery showing in Campo Grande, Brazil. Self portraits and images in their actual likeness were his main focus. At age 12, he painted a portrait of Bolivian President Hugo Banzer. Upon receipt of the portrait, Banzer awarded David the opportunity to study privately with Massaiko Fujjita, old master art teacher from Japan. During his two year apprenticeship, David mastered paintings of landscapes, floral, and buildings using unique brush techniques.

“My technique is something that happens at the moment, it flows, I can’t explain it.  It is just that moment. It can be really fast or it can be really slow, it can take forever, but it only happens that moment. It is the art that God gives you, it is an unbelievable feeling”

David remains dedicated to working for children’s charities around the United States and South America, as David says, “They are our future”. David is in the process of establishing “The David Banegas Foundation”, which will be primarily focusing on providing children with shoes, both domestically and in his native country of Bolivia.

David sums all his work up as being “the pursuit of happiness“.


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